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Connect with 100K+ restaurants and automate manufacturer rebates for your customers.

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Drive visibility where restaurants discover new products.


Ash Idais

Senior Director of Sales @ Vital Farms

"Independent operators are typically the hardest segment for brands to connect with. Being able to provide independents with a solution like Open helps restaurants know what sourcing options exist and connect them to brands in a way that is typically not possible."

Attract new foodservice customers

  • Allow restaurants to browse your catalog.

  • Ensure customers know where to buy.

  • Send smart offers to drive trial.

  • Engage directly with your customers.

Reward your customers with Open rebates.

  • Provide incentives to your customers.

  • Drive loyalty with brand attribution on rebate checks.

  • Enable instant rebate cashouts.

Upsell, cross-sell, and re-sell.

Smart notifications help ensure your existing customers are aware of your other foodservice products, and that they stay loyal to your brand.

Find your best customers.

As Open begins to understand your customers’ purchasing patterns, we leverage artificial intelligence to bring you new customers that are more likely to convert.

Open for Brands