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Connect with 100K+ restaurants and automate manufacturer rebates for your customers.

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Drive visibility where restaurants discover new products.


Sean Barry

CEO @ The Jacmar Companies

"Working with Open has allowed us to acquire significantly more restaurant customers and helped our restaurants get access to exclusive manufacturer rebates."

Keep every foodservice customer.

Become your customers’ best friend by helping them capture rebates and lower their food costs. It doesn’t cost you a dime.


Make discovery digital and personal.

Ditch the 100+ page paper catalogs and give your customers a personalized digital experience that encourages discovery.

Get customer referrals from manufacturers.

When customers reach out to manufacturers asking where they can buy certain ingredients, make sure your distribution center is listed.

Find your best customers.

As Open begins to understand your customers’ purchasing patterns, we leverage artificial intelligence to bring you new customers that are more likely to convert.

Open for distributors

Elevate your distribution business with Open.